Wilhelm Fitzpatrick
Seattle, WA

20 years experience as a software developer and architect specializing in the Java ecosystem.
5 years experience as a mobile developer specializing in Android at the app & OS levels.
Experienced as a team leader, mentor, and technical trainer.

Objective: to collaborate on the development of mobile applications that deliver real user value.

Mobile Development Roles

Smashing Ideas, Technical Director for Android 2016 - present
Cyanogen Inc., Senior Android Developer, 2013 - 2016
HTC America Innovation, Senior Android Developer, 2011 - 2013
Mobliss Inc., Games Development Manager, 2006 - 2007
Agile Informatics, Software Consultant, 2005
Versatile Mobile Systems, Senior Java Developer, 2001

At Cyanogen, I was technical lead for Cyanogen Camera, the first party camera app on Cyanogen OS. It shipped on the OnePlus One, Micromax Yu brand devices, Wiley Fox devices, and several others.

I was a contributor on the Eleven music player, which Cyanogen open sourced to CyanogenMod.

I ported CyanogenMod features to the Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) release of Deskclock in Cyanogen OS.

At HTC, I worked on two releases of HTC Backup, which shipped on the HTC One (m7). In the first release I was an individual contributor, for the second I was the technical lead.

At Mobliss, I lead the development of mobile casual games based on licensed properties, and a supporting social networking platform using the J2ME/MIDP and BREW frameworks.

As consultant (Agile Informatics), I lead the development of a freight yard routing system using hardened mobile devices running J2ME/MIDP.

At Versatile Mobile Systems, I researched and benchmarked J2ME performance on hardened mobile devices, and contributed to a JMS based messaging framework for communicating with such devices.

Agile Informatics (2001-2011)

As a software development and architecture consultant specializing in the Java ecosystem, I provided design, development, and training services to companies in a variety of industries. Notable projects not mentioned in other sections include:

Technical Instructor

Agile Informatics, Technical Trainer, 2004
University of Washington Extension, Instructor, 2002
Network General Corp., Technical Trainer, 1994-1995

As a consultant (Agile Informatics), I developed and delivered a week-long training course assisting 4GL database developers to transition to Java development.

As an instructor at the UW Extension, I taught two semesters of an advanced level Java programming course, and developed additional instructional materials

At Network General, I developed and delivered training courses to purchasers of NG's line of network monitoring tools.


Washington State University, BS Computer Science, 1990
Lewis-Clark State College, BS Interdisciplinary (Business/Psychology), 1987